COVID Health & Safety Requirements

Updated 10.25.22

Jazz Cruises’ Health & Safety Requirements for the ’23 Sailings

The details of the COVID-19 Health and Safety Requirements for boarding our cruise programs continue to be fluid. But the rules that we established many months ago remain intact. To board the ship you must show either (a) Proof of Vaccination or (b) a Negative COVID test.

Celebrity Cruises has elected to reduce the requirements in certain ways, but, as a charter company, we have the option of keeping the more stringent boarding requirements and we have opted to do so.


The specific rules for boarding a Jazz Cruises’ ’23 program are as follows:

Guests Who Are Vaccinated: You may board the ship by providing proof of vaccination. At this time, COVID-19 Booster Vaccine shots are not currently required to sail but are highly recommended to ensure a smoother vacation experience and to avoid any additional required onboard testing and costs at your own expense throughout the sailing. Proof of vaccination includes physical vaccination record card or official digital record of vaccination.

Guests Who Are Not Vaccinated: Guests who are not vaccinated may board the ship, if, and only if, they show proof of a Negative COVID-19 Test Result administered by the service provided at the pier/terminal. No home tests or other laboratory tests will be accepted. The cost of the test for each passenger will be $85.

These rules apply to each and every guest, Jazz Cruises’ staff and crew members and all entertainers. Celebrity Cruises requires each member of its staff and crew to be fully vaccinated, including an up-to-date booster.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The requirements described above may change several times before embarkation. Whatever is required at the time we sail will be the protocol for our cruises. Jazz Cruises cannot minimize the restraints required by Celebrity Cruises or The Center for Disease Control (CDC). Jazz Cruises, as the charterer of the cruise, does have the right to impose restraints stricter than the rules of Celebrity Cruises or the CDC. Jazz Cruises, LLC is committed to doing the right thing for all guests in terms of Health & Safety Requirements.


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