The Baylor Project

The Baylor Project Brings A Love Of Jazz & Gospel To Blue Note at Sea ’23

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Jean and Marcus Baylor have been playing music for most of their lives. Married for more than two decades, they’ve only been playing music together for the last nine years, leading a band they call The Baylor Project, heavily steeped in their jazz and gospel roots. In his review of their most recent album Generations, […]

SPOTLIGHT: Christian McBride

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To describe Christian McBride as well-rounded or multi-faceted just doesn’t do the man justice. He’s been successful in so many different realms that it becomes nearly impossible to cover them all. We can start with his gifts as a bassist, mentored by no less than Ray Brown. Christian, who also doubles on electric, is widely considered one of […]

Chris Botti

SPOTLIGHT: Chris Botti

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We’re thrilled that Grammy-Award winner Chris Botti will be sailing on Blue Note at Sea ’23. Most of our guests are likely familiar with his stellar albums and concert appearances during the last two decades. But they might be less familiar with how he got there. Like many of the gifted musicians on our jazz […]

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